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unidentified vaginal problem! Help!

I have been experiencing a constant itching/moving sensation on my labias and clitoral hood in that area. I'm also EXTREMELY itchy, I know it sound like pubic lice but I have don't have pubic hair and have already checked up close with a bright light and see nothing. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I have no bumps, no rash, no bites, no anything but redness and slight swelling. I know it isn't an STD because I'm not sexually active and haven't had contact with anything that could give me one. Also my discharge is like thick, white mucus looking and is occasionally clear. The itching is becoming unbearable! Please help me identify this problem!
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Try using  monistat 7 should help it a 7 day cream to heal itching and yeast infection.
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I took your advice but the only one I could find that they had was 3 day treatment. Hopefully it works! Thanks so much!
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The pharmacy does sell medications for vaginal fungal infections by way of cream, pessary and also capsules that you swallow.  These can be purchased without a prescription.  If you are unsure, ask the pharmacist, they will help you.

To find out for definite if this a fungal problem (which it probably is), the doctor would take a swab from the skin area and also  swab from the vagina and send the swabs to the laboratory for analysis.

In the meantime do not use ordinary soap, bubble baths or shower gels, this ill aggravate the skin even more.  Use non perfumed soap, soap with the same pH level as our skin and baby washes may be fine.  

Don't use biological washing detergents, as the biological ones may be causing an allergy.  Use softeners for delicate skins.

Wear cotton pants.  Nylon and manmade fibre fabrics will make you sweat which encourages yeast growth.

If you have been on antibiotics, that encourages yeast growth, because it gets rid of the good bacteria as well as the bad bacteria.

Eat  healthy and well balanced diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables with lean meat and fish.  Eat yogurt if you are not allergic to dairy.

Cut out or cut down on sugary, processed and junk foods.  Having lots of sugar will also encourage fungal growth.

For future information should you get a severe itch again and have no medication but may have yogurt in the house, wash the area with water and dry gently and apply natural set yogurt to the vaginal area.  Normal runny yogurt will work the same, it is just too runny, and don't use the fruity ones.

Bathing with 2 cups of Epsom Salts and a little baby oil will also neutralise the skin, which the fungus and bacterial do not like.

If the 3 day treatment does not settle the problem, make an appointment to see your doctor.

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