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urinary pain please help

I have been in chronic pain for the last 3 months straight.
been tested numerous times for uti - negative
ive had ultrasounds that have found free fluid in my pelvis twice

i have been in and out of hospital with all of these symptoms and no answer.
- pain after urination in the bladder
- discomfort with bowels - sore to push
- feeling of inflammation
- fevers and chills
- nausea
-swollen lymph nodes

im at my whits end i cant see a specialist for months and dont know wether this is an obgyn or urologist issue.
im only 19 years old

at this stage i am in chronic pain with no releif

the things that it could be , interstitial cystitis , endometriosis , pelvic inflammatory or an infection somewhere else

please help :(
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Oh, that is terrible.  Endometriosis?  Polycystic ovaries?  You've got the same ideas about what it could be that I do.  I'd go to your obgyn first.  And if you have an infection, you should rule that out sooner than later.  An ob/gyn may see you sooner with what you have going on so I'd try.  
You've seen your GP already?  I don't know if it is a urological issue but your ob/gyn will know and direct you appropriately.  Try to see if you can get in soon.  They normally have 'acute' appointments for people that HAVE to be seen right away set aside each day.  Try to get one of those slots.  Are you a new patient or an established patient with the obgyn.  I started seeing one around your age regularly but you've probably just started that rather than have an established relationship?
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hi thanks for the reply,
my symptoms where reviewed and its honestly looking like pelvic inflammatory disease due to the fevers, urinary pain , back and hip pain etc
being reviewed by an obgyn in october. if symptoms havent improved i am going to have a laparoscopy!

i think i might make gyno appointments a regular thing! really important as a women i think.

i know it is not good if PID is the case. but at least it is -treatable

PID is very serious and to be honest, I think you would be much sicker than you are.  And they will not wait to see you or treat you if that is suspected because frankly, it can have permanent consequences.  Inability to have kids in the future for one.  Doctors immediately start antibiotics.  So, if you've seen a doctor and they suspect PID, you'd be treated.  If you are just suspecting it, you need to go to urgent care for antibiotics.  Even my grocery store has something called the 'little clinic' that can treat people with medicine so consider doing this asap if you think you have PID.  Let me know how it goes (I realize oct is in a few days though  . . . just don't want you to wait too long!)
Ive started treatment for PID antibiotics, my symptoms have been pretty severe.  Its hard to know here in australia , there is no blood test or swab they can do to determine its just a clinical diagnosis.
but glad im finally getting treatment, i dont feel any better yet but i have only had one days worth. i think it might take a while to heal, it has been two months :(
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That's a long time to go with PID.  Yes, very glad to hear you are getting treatment. Antibiotics often work pretty quickly and you should 'start' to feel better within 48 hours of starting them.  Which antibiotic did they give you?  Yes, you have public healthcare there which can be a bit tricky to navigate sometimes but am glad you have been seen and they are working to resolve this.  Please come back and tell me if you feel better at all (not all the way but better) at the 48 hour mark.  And take the antibiotics until the prescription runs out, the full course of therapy!  Keep me posted on how you are doing!
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not sure if you where still interested in the outcome of this.
The issue is still on-going. sadly.
the symptoms are the same despite PID antibiotic course.
I am booked in for Laproscopy and Cystoscopy in 4 weeks so i am absolutely praying that they find something.
Me and My partner both tested for STDS and negative.
it has affected my work and study completely. they are looking  PID, endo or even appendicitis on the laproscopy.
There were 2 whole days on the PID antibiotics where i felt normal again. But would be back at square one by the next day.
Have lower back pain much like people get with chlamydia. weird. as me and my partner have both tested negative.
the only indication it could still be PID is my partner wasnt treated for PID aswell. even though he is clean.

anyway fingers crossed they find something so i can find treatment and releif.
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Oh my gosh, still all of this.  I didn't know a partner could also have PID like that.  I'm so glad you came back to update but am sorry you are still in the middle of determining what is going on.  Did you stop the PID antibiotics or did you just revert back feeling crummy?
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A urine result finally came back with something. the bacteria is called Serratia marcescens?
my doctor said it was rare but didnt know much about it?
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I had all the symptoms of PID as well and it turned out to be BV but with too much GOOD bacteria. They did a swab, looked under the microscope then tested to diagnose. Turns out everything the other drs had previously prescribed  and probiotics I was taking to treat was making it worse.  By symptoms alone you can’t really tell though I didn’t have a odor which I think should have been an indicator.  Anyway, hope you find relief soon!
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oh really thats interesting?! because i find that all the probiotics i have been taking having not been helping at all. whats the treatment for BV?
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How are you doing now sophie?  So, you don't see a positive in taking probiotics.  That surprises me.  My son took it for gut issues (constipation, slow moving gut) and we swear it dramatically improved things.  But hey, that's a different matter entirely.
Are things any better for you?
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Thanks for checking up! Im still not well, on top of everything else I was getting really painful thrush and the topical treatments where doing nothing. I tried a different brand of probiotics (candex) and finally  relief there!
They found three different infections in about 2 weeks - all utis , serratia marsecans , e - coli , its like they all started appearing at once! made me feel bit less crazy
I go in for laparoscopy and cystoscopy in 3 days now. really really nervous to know what they find but hopefully will have some answers.
will keep you posted :)
Oh my gosh!!  You have had it all, haven't you?!  Poor girl!  I'm glad, though, that you have answers.  I'm glad you found a probiotic that helped.  I used to poo poo those.  I just didn't buy it and the idea of adding bacteria to my system, gross. But I'm a convert.  My son has had such success with his digestive tract and I've had success with yeast that it really is a pretty awesome discovery that this can help!  

Try not to be nervous for your cystoscopy but I know that is easier said than done.  Hopefully you are just around the corner to finally feeling good.  E coli?  wow!  Wasn't expecting that one! Come back and let us know how it goes and I'll be thinking of you sending you positive vibes! hugs
Hey! just an update
had my laparoscopy and cystoscopy yesterday! she found 3 spots of endometriosis that where successfully removed. it was a pretty mild case which I am really thankful about! and feeling thankful I have some answers! I am pretty sore and tired.
cystoscopy showed a healthy bladder except for one spot she send to my urologist she wasn't sure about. but other than that it is good news.
Im hoping to make a full recovery and hopefully it doesn't grow back.
I think its is important for girls who are experiencing pain to get checked. It doesn't discriminate , I didn't even had painful periods it was my bladder and bowel symptoms that where the worst for me.

going to try everything power to stay healthy and prevent it from coming back !
thanks for listening to my story, its nice to be able to share and help others in the same position
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I am so grateful for your coming back with your update AND that you got good news!!  That's great and you are right . . . knowing is so much better and it is important for girls to get checked. Symptoms and situations can be different for everyone.  I wasn't sure what they were going to find for you but am glad the news is good.  Let me know what they say about the one spot but am confident that is nothing and not that the other areas are removed, on to recovery!  How long until you should be back to normal? Did the doctor say?  Anyway, sending you hugs.  That was a long journey!!  
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