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used tampon for the first time, it got stuck on skin upon removal?! septate hymen??

ok, so I never could fit tampons as a young teen but recently thanks to boys, I can bear the pain of inserting one. after practising insertion and removal of a few tampons across periods, today I decided to use one and leave it for a few hours.

I had no issue putting it in and I was fine for the next four hours. when I went to the bathroom to remove it, I noticed a pulling sensation like I was pulling my skin, I was confused but just assumed that this is the feeling when you remove it. I continued to tug until I felt a sharpening pain which made me stop and wonder that this cant is normal otherwise no one would use tampons.

I decided to squat in front of the mirror and saw skin stuck to my tampon. I was so confused and when I tried to pull it off, it wouldn't budge. after at least 30mins of tugging and stretching and repositioning, the only way to remove it was to push the tampon in, and when removing it slowly, I had to push the skin away so it couldn't stick. this was still painful and when I finally removed it, the tampon looked like something had looped through its centre, causing my brain to scream septet hymen.

now I have noticed a loose string of skin that I never used to have come from the inside of my vagina and I am extremely worried.

one hour post removal and it still feels like the tampon is sitting half in half out

does anyone have any advice for me? I'm confused and worried
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I would recommend going to the doctor- it shouldn't be that painful to insert a tampon- so go get checked out and see if there are other medical issues going on.  
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Ah, sweetie, sorry your first time using a tampon was so bad!  Promise it isn't always like that.  Was the tampon a little dry when you tried to remove it?  It can pull across your skin in that instance.  Not comfortable.  And it can form like a suction.  Why do I know this?  It's happened to me!  And I'm old!  It only happens if I try to remove a tampon that hasn't been in long or I'm pretty much done menstruating so the tampon remains kind of dry.  You may have ripped yourself a bit.  

my guess it is it will be back to normal soon.  How is your relationship with your mom?  Are you comfortable asking her about it?
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