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can virginity be regained rather than hymen surgery?
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Hi there.  Well, I personally definite virginity as having sex.  That can never be regained.  Whomever you are with next will not be your first.  We can't rewrite history and become a virgin again or we are living a lie.  Right?  this doesn't mean you have to tell any new partners that you aren't a virgin.  And maybe culturally that is the expectation of you when you marry . .    but it is pretty hard to be something you are not.  A virgin.  I would just stay mum on the subject so you don't have to outwardly lie.  As to hymen surgery . ..   I was amazed that there are doctors that will restore a hymen through surgery.  But you can fork out the big bucks and do it.  But you'll never be a virgin again.  You gave that away when you had intercourse. So, it is up to you if you want to be who you are or rewrite history.  good luck  (and no, there are no other ways to get your hymen back).  
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Actually your hymen has nothing to do with you being A virgin simply because you can break it doing the simplest things such as ridding a bike or inserting a tampon so your hymen is probably already broken and you don't even know it anyway some girls are even born with out a hymen or not much of one  ... ... As for having sex when the time is right you'll know and don't let anyone presser you into have sex if you don't want to
Ps sorry about the spelling I'm Dyslexic
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