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what are the possibilities I am pregnant even when my test came out negative?

I have had the nausea to actually throwing up to having to pee more then usual and feeling fatigue. And lower abdomen is a lite harder then usual. I had my period at the beginning of the month lasted 5 days.and then about a week or so I had Intercourse  and started lightly bleeding and it was darker then usual. But it was only 2 days. So was it to early to take the test.
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Hi there.  Welcome. The time to take a pregnancy test is when you were expecting a period.  do you track the length of your period?  Do you have a certain day you would expect it on?  Example, my period is generally every 28 days.  Day one of my period begins that cycle.  And then on day 29, a new period starts, so my cycle equals out to 28 days.  This helps me know what day the following month my period is 'due'.  If that day comes and goes with no period, then this is when I take a test.

Good luck
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The nausea and fatigue wouldn't quite happen so soon if you were pregnant.

Your timeline is a bit hard to follow. You had your period and still took the test?
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