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why am i bleeding after masturbation?

this is embarrassing to tell but last month, i wanted to try something different from my fingers for masturbation and i heard from a lot of people that they used the handle to a brush. i did it too, i cleaned it first. but ever since that day, i’ve been bleeding after masturbation. sometimes it’ll be a lot and other times it will be little.
i don’t know what to do, i feel a bit uncomfortable by just thinking about talking to my parents about masturbation and such, also that i used a comb. please, help.
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My guess is that you irritated your vagina (or cervix, which is at the end of your vagina) by putting a brush handle (and comb?) inside your vagina. I would suggest you not put any objects inside your vagina. It's back third doesn't even have nerves, so it can't feel the object, and you could easily pound too hard with something like a brush handle, or scratch yourself terribly with a comb. Watch for an infection (unusual smells), and give masturbation a rest for a while overall, so your tissues can heal. If you are still having odd bleeding a month from now, go see your ob/gyn. Tell your mom that your periods are wonky (though you know that's not why) and that you want a checkup. She doesn't have to go in with you to the doctor (in fact, she doesn't have the legal right if you don't want her there), so you can explain to the doc in private what really happened, and get medical advice. This is if it's still bleeding in a month.

Please don't do things just because you read about them on the Internet. There are thousands of foolish ideas online, and you only have one vagina.
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