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why has bodily tissue come out of my vagina?


So I had a shock this morning due to the fact I found bodily tissue about 6cm long on my sanitary pad.

I am on the pill (microgynen 30) and took two packs back to back after having a break of about 2 months from the pill. I wasn't quite at the end of the second pack (I had 4 pills left) when I started bleeding.

Ive taken two packs back to back before and never had an issue but due to the fact I started bleeding I stopped taking the pill as I thought this was my body saying it wanted a break. Then the next day this tissue appears. The best way I can describe it is a bit like a slice of raw chicken - that sort of colour but with some deep red bits.

I thought perhaps it might be a mosscarriage initially but it doesn't 'look' like one - not that I know what that looks like. And I'm careful when it comes to safe sex so even during my pill break me and my boyfriend were using condoms.

I had some light pain leading up to this but nothing major but even light pain is unusual for me as I don't gent menstrual pain usually.

What could this be? Do I need to go to the doctor? If so can it wait a few days as I don't think I could get an immediate appointment being the nhs. Please help I'm so worried.
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I would cal up the obgyn office and tell them what's going on and ask if you need to go in right away. Normally with patients that need to be seen right away they will make you a priority or tell you what's going on. But please see a doctor
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Sounds like your uterine lining being shed as happens every period to varying degrees (sometimes noticeable, other times not).  Most likely nothing to be concerned about, but you can talk to your gynecologist if it will comfort you.
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