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why is my discharge brown and smells like vinegar

ok so i only got my period a few days ago and i am a virgin. i never had any discharge before i got it, just lots of cramps. once i got it the blood was red, it seemed like a healthy red. about half an hour passed and the discharge was was brown! it smelled like vinegar and was very foul. i researched it and it just made me very scared. some of the results said it was healthy but others said it was a huge problem. also i’m not sure if it was the discharge that was brown or the period blood that turned brown .i haven’t told my parents yet but if i can cure it by myself i want to avoid doctors and parents.
i have masturbated before and is this the cause?
also since this is my first period does that mean that there is trouble down the line?
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I think you've got nothing to worry about, since it's your first period. Brown blood is old blood, as the saying goes, and it's possible your uterus got ready to cycle last month but just didn't have the oomph to put out a full period quite yet. So the old endometrium just hung out until this first full period cleaned it  all out along with the new blood. I would assume you will have some more red flow during this period. (But even if you don't, expect your next period to be more like a full period and last a few days.) It sounds like a normal start-up experience, frankly.

And don't worry, masturbating had nothing to do with it.  
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