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what happens if a women doesent douch
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douching can actually mess up your good bacteria.
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Nothing happens  it is perfectly normal if you dont douch
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Sorry I'm from the uk so a little intrigued.  What is 'douching', never heard of that?
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kind-of like a cleaning tool.
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Douching is putting something liquid up in your vagina, theoretically to clean it.  The word "douche" refers to the inserting of the liquid and the draining it out, often done in a splashy manner.  Laura is thinking of something used to put the liquid up there, which can be a squirter or applicator of one kind or another.  At least in the U.S., the old home remedy used to be vinegar and water, squirt it in and let it drain out, into the toilet.  In the very early days, this was thought to reduce the chance of pregnancy.  (Ha!  ha!  ha!)  Douching is not even good for the vagina.
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funny thing was that my parents had four boys, and they heard from someone that if you douch, you have a better chance of having a girl.  she did that while they were getting pregnant with me, and looky there, their only girl out of five kids.  
never do something like that to your vagina because it kills your good bacteria and can cause you to get an infection.
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