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women getting occasional coarse hairs on chin

Thoughts on women getting random course hairs on their chin from time to time?  Is this part of aging?  My sister and I joke about this and it certainly isn't a fun experience to see a big old hair coming out of your chin. But it happens.  Well, I've been looking into it and actually, women need to be aware of it.  https://www.healthline.com/health/chin-hair#normal-causes  It can be the sign of issues you should address.  
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For most of us, I do think an occasional random hair on our chin is normal but it is good to be aware of the fact that if it is new, too much or you are experiencing other things, you should mention it to your doctor.  

How do you remove yours?  Wax?  Pluck?  Have no idea what I'm even talking about because you are a little lady who has never gotten the dreaded hair?  :>)))
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I have a mole on my lower lip-line that's kind of cute, like Cindy Crawford's. But that darn mole will grow a hair every now and then, and it's suddenly like an archetypal crone would have. It's like an eyebrow hair, soft and not bristly, but not cute in the slightest. That one, I definitely pluck with a tweezer. Luckily, it doesn't grow back very fast.

The odder one is, my hair on my head is pale and fine, and occasionally a single hair of exactly the same kind and color and weight is to be found growing on the bare skin of my neck above my collarbone. (Not near the hairline.) Maybe one cell that was supposed to be on my head growing hairs got misplaced before birth into in the skin of my neck, and it has activated now that I've gotten older. First time I noticed it, I thought the hair had somehow come off my scalp and gotten stuck into my skin, since hair's scales make it kind of barbed and able to weave its way into things (like sweaters). Anyway, I feel around every now and then (because of the pale color it can't easily be seen unless it catches the light) and if it's growing there, I pull it out. A couple of times when I have finally found it, it has been 2 or 3 inches long already. For all I know it really is a hair from my scalp that sticks itself into my skin because I make some regular movement that pokes hairs into the skin there, but it does hurt to pluck it, like a hair with a root.  It's pretty bizzare!

Now I'll have to read the link you posted to see what kind of unpleasant medical issues such a thing might indicate. :)
I can't even tell you how much I love your depiction of chin mole as cute, super model like until the hair comes and then, wa la, crone.  lol  It's rough being a woman, isn't it?  

I used to be a runner and lived in a historic neighborhood.  Which means houses, trees and side walks were old.  This is dangerous for runners.  I was running at dusk and caught my foot on an uneven piece of sidewalk and flew to the ground as I was moving at a fast pace.  Cement meets chin, hands, chest and knees.  I was a bloody mess.  I had to get up and walk a mile home too.  I had one lovely neighbor who was sure something nefarious had happened to me besides my own undoing by tripping . . .   Her eyes as I rounded the corner of our street!  lol   My chin besides being black and blue and swollen was heavily scraped.  This happened before I had kids so a long time ago . . .   and for years, YEARS that patch where I was scraped would grow some BLACK thick hairs.  I could feel them coming and plucked them right out as soon as they were sticking out enough. Now, all these years later, one spot gets about one hair every 4 months there.  Very strange. It was clearly an injured area but why the hairs?  Honestly, never did I think to tell my doctor about it until I read that article.  

your neck hair inspires me to check my neck.  Ha.  I have not noticed that.  But ya, it's all so strange.  I had one hair that was very light colored, very fine that grows on my face that gets really long.  I don't notice it because it's so light colored but when I do and it's curling because it is so long, I'm like holy shiz.  I hope no one saw that!  It's so glamorous.  Now I'm going to pay more attention to it.  

Feels good to get the hair on my chinny chin chin discussed.  :>)))  We aren't alone in these things, are we?
I read an article just now that says if the skin is injured, its stem cells (which are there to repair the skin) can sometimes create hair follicles where there were none. The article's authors said it was a little-studied phenomenon.
Oh, wish I had known. I'd volunteered my chin for a case study.  ha.  That makes perfect sense.  Why thick, black hairs?  No idea but at least they are easy to feel and pull when they start to erupt.  Good stuff, chin hairs are.
Well, maybe like a lot of repairs, the new version just doesn't work as perfectly as the original.  lol  If you want, I can send you the link. The researchers were intrigued as to whether intentionally injuring the skin on the top of the head would make hair grow there, but you could tell that they thought it worked only in certain circumstances. (Besides, what if it came back as bristly hairs in a different color?)
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