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yogurt for good bacteria

has anyone used yogurt as a vaginal treatment to help increase good bacteria?  I'm asking because I have recurrent bacterial vaginosis infections - i have tried metrogel, flagyll tindamax, clindesse, i have it again.. I bought plain yogurt and mixed it with acidophillous powder and inserting it using a metrogel applicator at night, I always wear a liner because of bv anyway, but there is a LOT of discharge. Am I doing this right? has anyone else had good results with this method? how long should it take for symptoms to go away.  I shower before and wash with soap but should I use something stronger like hydrogen peroxide???

thank you :) kayla
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You shouldn't put anything into your vagina like that.  It's going to promote growth of ANY bacteria that can use that for a food source, which may or may not include your good bacteria, which could cause an imbalance of your normal vaginal flora.  Also, don't put hydrogen peroxide up there or wash with soap.  Go see a doctor to treat it and ask if there is anything you can do to prevent it from coming back.  Yogurt should only be used to eat.  You're asking for problems putting anything into your vagina.  Even douching can cause bacterial imbalances and yeast infections, which is why they say not to do that.
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I saw your post and thought I would give you a little input from my experience with this problem. I tried nearly everything to get rid of this bv I had for three months. Antibiotics, folic acid, acidophilus, yogurt(eating and inserting vaginally) hydrogen peroxide douche, diet change. I think that covers most of the home remedies. Nothing really worked past stopping treatment, the only thing that came close was the hp douche but it just came back again.

After some research I found that the vagina needs certain types of bacteria strains which a product called femdophilus has. I took orally for a month and nothing but what did help was inserting one a day at night into the vagina and it seems to be cured here a few weeks later. I hope this helps! Makes sure to keep the product refrigerated though because the bacteria will die otherwise.
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