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How do I make friends?

I'm 21. In college. Bipolar with background of substance abuse. Cannot for the life of me make friends with girls. I always feel comfortable with guys because I don't feel like they are judging me as much (I think anyway?) but it is so hard for me to approach a girl or carry on a conversation. I really want to. I've had a few bffs as a kid, and only one in high school, but she moved away after we graduated and since then I haven't been able to connect with another woman. I don't know what the problem is, really, but I hope someone out there has experience with this and can give me some advice. I'm really lonely and just having a bf and family is not enough right now. I need a female friend! Or friends!
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Do you have any hobbies....that you could join a group....
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I'm in addiction recovery, which takes up a lot of my time (I do make friends in there easily!) and then with school work, I just get overwhelmed easily when there is a lot to do, but that is a good idea. I will have to see what my school offers. Thanks!
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hi yelsea!

great that your addressing the addiction problem!
You sound like a cool person, this shouldn't be that hard. hey! college is a mixture of all kind of girls to get to the point. For me i like hanging out with people older my age ( think you can learn a lot and get good advice). first day of college was more of introduction then second day we were in kind of like a home room for nursing students and these four ladies they were speaking about university life and stuff; then the conversation became even more interesting when they  switched the topic to men and relationships, marriage, faithfulness etc... :-)  and i joined in, put some suggestions there as well. before you know we were heading to get lunch, going to and fro classes, catching a ride. It just worked out and that's how it mostly happens with me.
Still i am also capable of liming with my own age group because during the week of orientation i met two girls around my age 21 and we became quit close. There both doing my major so we do talk but just certain things they don't relate to or can't advice me on like how my friend Sherees would she 28!
So first it depends on the type of girl(s) you prefer to lime around when you have come to that place  and this could happen anywhere, anytime just act normal put a word , advice , support something meaning full. trust its not like being an intruder no way! One thing i don't do is fight for friends not me at all!
Now if you're a person with particular hobbies use that as well; met my good buddy gf during netball game :-) sound like a couple lol not into that though!  
You have so many options you're not aware of girl! Girls go for anything tell them a story there life long friends its nice actually i make friends in the vet officer, supermarket, mall, parties(mostly house parties don't go clubs ), vacations
Oh! and i guest it's my personality that some people like's too i am really a peaceful person and just love all good things life has to offer.

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