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I tore my labia minora a month ago

I tore my labia minora quite badly a month ago having sex. My doctor said it was the worst tear he's ever seen. I thought it was finally healed and  let my boyfriend finger me, but now it seems just as bad as before and I'm so scared that no matter what I do, it will tear everytime I have sex, I just really want to have sex with my boyfriend and can't figure out a way to make this fully heal and heal fast, Any suggestions?!
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well i beg to differ when you get peircings down there they actually take less time to heal then most peircings
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I'd see your doc since it sounds like you're not healing properly..you could be low in certain blood cells that aid in healing.

Also..I would lay off sex (no pun intended lol), for 6 weeks to 8 weeks...like they tell people who have just given birth.. just to allow full healing. The skin down there is very delicate, and it takes extra rest for it to heal. It's not going to heal up as quickly or easily as a cut on your arm.
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