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Is he cheating or am I overthinking things?

Hi everyone. I posted this question in another community but did not get much feedback unfortunately. I'm hoping I have better luck here. So, here goes.

So my current boyfriend and I met online. We talked for a week or so and went on a date. It was amazing to say the least. A few weeks later he asks me to be with him. Now, i know that's very fast and actually the quickest I've ever moved with anyone. But he's such a sweet guy and I've never felt or seen anyone qualities like this in anyone before. He was very confident he wanted to be with me and I, him.

The only issue is he still wants to keep his dating profile. He told me before he asked me to be with him that he really likes the conversation we had there and wanted to always keep it because it's our first moments of talking and getting to know one another. However, I told him he can just screenshot them and well... He said nothing. I personally find it very odd the he wants to keep it. He hasn't updated the profile or any of his pictures on there.

I haven't deleted mines either because I feel it's very unfair. Although, I too have mines I don't get on it and have not updated anything either. I did ask him about it and he says it's just there and he doesn't plan on using it. I suppose this is the trouble that comes with being in a relationship so quickly.

Also, please keep in mind he invites me over to stay there weekend with him every week without fail(so far) and we talk everyday. I'm kinda concerned though that he's either afraid or.... I'm getting played. Did I mention he has not put on his social media profile that he's in a relationship? He says I'll know when he does it and that see definitely will. But either way, I'd love to know your thoughts?
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Some people don’t change their profiles on Facebook that they are in a relationship or even that they are married. Some people feel that’s putting too much personal information out there. Also, as far as him keeping his dating profile up, you are doing the same thing he is: keeping your options open. He isn’t married to you or exclusive so he can date whoever he wants. Just don’t make the mistake of sleeping with him and thinking you are in a relationship or exclusive with him when you aren’t. Just keep dating others and keep it light right now with him. You are doing too much! Expecting him to change his Facebook profile to relationship with you is a bit much and childish on your part. It’s not best to even post pics of a person you are dating unless you are married to them. That way, if you bust up, folks won’t even know you were dating someone. I know too many people who get embarrassed by posting people they date and in about 2 weeks they bust up.
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