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Is this illegal?

My ex-husband is very angry with me mainly because I was able to find on two seperate websites where he posted information about additional income he makes "under the table" or "on the side"  that is not reported income.  He is making very good money with this side job.  Anyway he doesn't pay his child support as he is ordered and he is trying to get it lowered claiming he is unemployed.  SO I took screen shots showing the extra money that he was making.  It was easy to prove because he posted pictures of himself, his cell phone number, his birthday and on and on.  

Well our hearing was a couple of days ago and now he is so angry that I busted him he went back to one of those sites put my full name out there and slandered me.  Is it illegal to post someone's full name in order to slander them out of anger?
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My ex husband just died. We were married for 14 years and I have been remarried for 14 years. He paid child support and was pretty good about it. He wasn't the best dad to my daughter but my son thinks his dad did no wrong. We separated because of drugs and alcohol. He was a nice guy other than that. When I moved away I allowed my son to stay with him who was finishing up his senior year and my daughter who was just nine came with me and my husband now basically became her dad. My ex would come with my son on holidays and stay in our home. We just made it work. In 2003 we lost everything in an earthquake. My husband took my ex to town and showed him our store and where our car had been crunched by the falling down roof sliding on it (where our daughter had asked to wait while I ran in and opened the store I talked her into coming in and helping. Thank the Lord!) After he saw how he had almost lost us, he really stepped up to the plate. He was always generous when he was not on drugs. He never really had a serious girlfriend till the end. Around the last year of his life. She took care of him and we were very grateful. He came to my daughter's plays. Every single one of them and he graduation. And then all of her plays after graduation. He planned to help her with school (she is now in an expensive Acting Academy) He died without making arrangement for anything at all. On the day he died we later found out that his girlfriend went and wiped out everything from his bank account. We looked into legal action. We knew one of the attractions for my ex to her was she grew mara. in her back yard. My husband went with my son to pick up some of his dad's things and my husband said what is that? Boxes and boxes of the stuff! Obviously they sold it! I sooo wanted to call the police in her town and turn her in. It would have been soooo easy. The thing is I should be mad at my ex. He got lung cancer and by the time he found out, he was gone in less than a year. I am still grateful that he had someone to take care of him. But now I think she got her money's worth! It wasn't all for nothing. Her heart wasn't that great. How would he feel now? Knowing she stole from his kids? But I just figure he has no say. Too bad out of luck. He should have cared more than about himself. He has to deal with it now. However God or whatever God lets you see. I just have to let it go. We tried to keep it amicable for the kids sake. And I feel that we did that. I loved him because he was the father of my children. He saw me have them. You can't just turn that off. We would always slip half the time and say I love you at the end of our phone calls just because it was a natural thing. We hugged outside of our lawyers office when we drew up the papers. We just couldn't live together. He wasn't great on child support but even after my daughter turned 18 he was paying for her. He never stopped until he got too sick. So I guess what I am trying to say that shame on your ex for libeling you. But hopefully you are not allowing you kids to be a part of all of this. I never spoke bad about my ex in front of my kids and would not allow my husband to. My husband would get mad at me because I was protecting a "druggy" I was furious when he would say that in front of my kids. He was right. He threw away his family for drugs. He still held a job and made great money. He also had a gambling problem. It wasn't easy not to thrash him but my kids respect me now. Yours eventually will see the full picture. I never had to say anything. I protected my kids and today they have figured it all out and admire me for not bringing them into the muck. Kids need to be kids. They go into adulthood as damaged goods if we cause them to worry about us.
I don't see how you can't be furious. I feel for you! Shame on your X husband for not taking care of his family and responsibilities. It will all come back in the end but the biggest pay back is when your kids see the full picture. Just tread carefully around those little souls. If you have already involved them. Back them out of the equation today. Keep your mouth shut around them about their dad. It is worth it in the end. I will be praying for you!
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Thanks!  I really didn't know there was a difference between slander and libel....  I learn something new everyday!  

I appreciate your input...
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I'm not a lawyer,  but I'd say no.  

There are websites that have been in existence for awhile now,  where you just dump on somebody you dated.  By full name and description.

In order for him to be libelous (libel is written word,  slander is spoken) it would have to be false info,  and he'd have to know it was false info.

Is what he is saying basically true from his standpoint?

BTW - when someone does this,  it doesn't make you look bad.  It makes him look bad.  I mean,  what does he have to say in his defense?  That he was trying to ditch child support and you caught him lying?  Not very positive.

Best wishes.
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