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do you have some friends and family members that are booshie.

do you have some friends and family members that are booshie ( think there all that and a bag of chips)  or in other
words think the jones don't have nothing on them

are do they think your booshie.
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oh... dont even get me started, there's a girl i work with, going on about the new flat she's moving into cuz 'she's' bought it....BULL!! mummy has bought it for her! grrr, she's a graduate & is only 21 but she's putting herself in SO much debt to her mum, but then as mummy is loaded, will she ever have to pay it back???

Sweetpea, loving that quote too, may have to rob it to put on my office wall... :o)
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yes!! but dont, take them on at all. Just watch them and laugh to myself saying, "bunch of dead beats' and with mines because of this they don't appreciate each day life spare!
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I've known a few people like that, like my friend's sister. She just thinks she is hot stuff, yet has dropped out of school and relys on her parents for everything.

"People keep buying things they don't need, with money they don't have, to impress people they don't like." ... I love that quote. haha.
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My fiance's sister thinks she's so gorgeous.  She is on public assistance but yet buys herself and her daughter Ed Hardy and Baby Phat.  She needs people to think she's got money.  My fiance's brother also, has a nice car with rims but has no job.  He dresses all jiggy but has nothing in his pockets.  It's all an illusion.  They show off but in reality these are the most insecure people.
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I be the first one to tell you guys iI got some booshie family members , they think you can't hold a candle to them , they are BOOSHIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and are't any better then any body else.

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