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working with all women is to stressful for me

I work in the health field,where it is all women that I work with.They all seem to talk about everyone but when the person is at work they are great to their face.I dont care what any of them do at work,home or wherever they are.I have 10 yrs in this work field. I'm to the point where I want to give up my 10yrs and walk out.Every day I go to work one of my friends will tell me something that is being said about me-----Some lies,and some true,but thats not what bothers me,its the fact that they all are really mean behide yr back but great to yr face.Im stressed,and cant believe how hard it is to work with all women.Any sugestions how to be nice to people and work with them when they stab you in the back all the time?
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I am a Cosmetologist. So I understand all too well what happens when a bunch of catty women get together....I never participated in it and was very vocal in what I thought about it.
People do not have to like one another but we need to respect each other in the workplace. Leave the highschool B.S at home!
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My boyfriend's mother has the same problem at work with just the woman and she doesn't even do anything to anger them they just hate her. They talk about her family about how she dresses everything. It really got out of hand 3 weeks ago when they got into her locker and throw all her stuff outside and stole her brand new jeans. Luckily her purse was in her husbands locker. I don't understand why they do this, it makes them look sooo childish. Anyways, shes taking it up with the manager and somebody's getting fired... lol But I'm sure that's gonna rile them up more. Ah well, I guess you just have to pray they change.

I honestly don't really think there is anything you can do to make people treat you better. People do those things because they're jealous of you or to make themselves feel better about themselves by making you look bad.

All I can say is keep your head up. Don't join in in their bashing of people and show that your an adult and taking your job seriously and by respecting others.
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I totally know what you are talking about. I volunteered in Pediatrics at the local hospital, and they were ALL female nurses there. There was ALWAYS drama, and usually someone would end up crying. It was too much at times, but you learn to be a good selective listener. Let things go in one ear and out the other. I got all the same drama put on me even though I was a volunteer, but you can't let it affect you. Just don't join in at all. You can try to "kill them with kindness", and not act like them. Hopefully they can grow up, though some women never do. But if they know it's getting to you, that just makes it more fun for them. So just go on doing your job and ignore the negative side. It'll get better. Hang in there. :)
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I worked in a call center where I was a very young supervisor for older women and talk about stress and animosity towards me! I was eating Xanax like candy and every time there was a meeting about something I felt like I was the one attacked.  Women are viscous and evil creatures.  Good luck there in your situation.  My resolution was to leave the company and go to work for an Engineering Firm and later a Construction Management Company that builds pharmaceutical plants.  There is one other woman on the job site who happens to be the boss.... she is a raving man woman... but not towards me! The remaining team members are men.  They do not gossip like women.  And once you let them know where you stand they usually will not challenge you again.  One thing I did was the chair in my office where people would come and sit and try and gossip... I filled it up with stuff so no one could sit down!  I also approached everyone based on their personality type, made for easier and shorter conversations.  Good luck! If you need to talk, I am here, just PM and/or add me.  

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Trudie's right too, face down *** up, do your work, don't engage in gossip or general bitchyness, I cant stand working with lots of women, i find it makes me paranoid. i work in a dockyard so not much problem now! As for it stressing you out, please don't let it, i find acupuncture works wonders for stress, find one person you work with and stick with that person, if you need to rant then speak to that person.

Good luck hun!!

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I used to deal with this and luckily 14 years ago left to join a profession that is predominantly male and what a relief!  Aprilgetsangry77 is right.  Refuse to participate and even refuse to listen to what other's are saying.  Do a good job, smile, be pleasant to everyone, and try to put more of your energy into your outside work relationships.
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I can totally relate to you gwen. I worked for a company for 14 years where most of the employees and co workers were women.

My suggestion would be to never engage in the conversation that is talking about someone behind their back. Let the person know that you are uncomfortable talking about the person and you would prefer to talk about something else.

I wish you the best as I know how hard it can be working with all females.
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