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Zika in Cabo Dec 2017, worry or not?

Hi there, I found out I was pregnant. We have had a family trip to Cabo San Lucas planned for almost a year. My parents are freaking out about the Zika scare. The doctors I work for here say they would take their pregant wives and just be careful. But I wanted some unbiased thoughts. I have been reading peer reviewed articles and loads of other things and I really just don’t know what is true...can you please give me your opionion on the matter or lead me to information I can trust? Thank you for your time!
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This is a tough decision that ultimately only you can make.  The fact is that most mosquitoes aren't carrying Zika, so it's not a huge risk.  Also, they primarily come out in the evening, after sundown.  You can wear long sleeves if you're out then, and long pants, and use repellent on the exposed skin.  I'm sure that's what the doctors meant by "be careful."

But, if you're going to freak out if you get a mosquito bite, then it's probably best not to go.  If your vacation will be ruined by that anxiety, it's not really worth it.
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