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my story

I will start it because I know how hard it is to tell complete strangers and friends and most defiantly hard to tell family. you blame yourself if you wouldn't have wore that or said that or got drunk none of it would have happened. you think people are going to laugh at you or call you names or think less of you. but no one will. we are here to help and i know its scary to think oh they are going to know my dark secret. you dont have to share if you dont want to but we are hear for help. to start things of i will tell my story.

it all started when i was 5 and didnt stop till i was 19 almost 20 and im 21 now. i live with it every day but i dont let it drag me down i try to make it so where i cant be a target again. i have tried everything to stop the attacks i went so far as to joining the military when i was 18 but it didnt stop but now i am proud to say it has stopped but for me it wasnt the same person it was so many people. my father, my babysitter, a stranger,my best friends dad, my fiance (well ex now), and another soldier. Also i have never forgot any of it, i always think about it when i go to dinner with friends or just to hang out with them i always have that fear but its time to move on never forget.

i never got help for mine and that is why i created this group because i want to help people so they dont have to walk around this world afraid and scared. because there are people out there that want to help you.
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hello ! i was raped by my brother in law who was also a cop. so every time i would go over to help my sister watch her 3 kids it would happen. i was 15 when it started and 17 when i finally told my mom. she forced me into concealing and i didn't talk i said nothing about it. i blocked it out. i still have triggers, i still get weak at the knees when i go out just in case he's at the same store as me or w.e. but i have moved on. i am now married, and have a son. i did learn to forgive him so i wouldn't be killing myself inside. i do not agree or forgive what he did to me BUT i did forgive him because i knew if i didn't i would die from the hate. now thats not to say if it was national kill rapists day he wouldn't b the first on my list lol but i have grown to live around it i guess lol. my husband knows what happened my family knows i lost pretty much all of them because they chose to believe him vs me. and its w.e i was adopted so im used to feeling alone. but i also am moving forward with my life doing things he said i could never do so that also helps and makes me relies i am bigger than i thought lol. and also im not the same size i was when i was raped so i cant wear the same things as i once did. i also changed how i look at men and people in general. i refuse to be alone with a guy i don't know or even if i do unless its my husband. if u have any questions please feel free to message me :)
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