recently diagnosed with pcos, have a blocked ovary ttc but its very difficult because no on really understands how you feel and DH is not 100% supportive he says he is but his actions are different... don't know what to do anymore... how do your husbands react to all of this??
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I agree my dh says he cares but he never wants to talk about it usually doesn't care what happens either way it's a frustrating but that y we have these fourms to help us get through the day
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i guess it is like dat..some men do express their feelings..some can't...we fall in d second category..till now i thot only my DH is like dat..buddies i hope we all hav to go thru' less pain n may we be blessed wit babies...lets take a resolution not to be sad but to live 4 ourselves...i know its difficult but stayin happy will release those good hormones which are essential 4us to concieve...good luck...sticky baby dust to u all......
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yea thank goodness for these forums... at least we know we are not being paranoid about our husbands..... it really is frustrating... they never want to talk about it, but when when I bring it up he gets all weird and start acting strange...so then I don't talk t him about anything and then he says he feels left out... WTH??? I can't win... anyway nice talking to you gals... have a good day!!!
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