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psychosis or anxiety?

Hello, I could really use some support. I have a history of depression and some anxiety, but recently I'm feeling there might be something worse going on psychologically. It makes me scared to even say that. I am twenty seven years old and moved to a new location a few months ago, which I'm sure contributes to the anxiety. Also using alcohol makes it worse, so I should stop that as well I know. However recently I have the sensation that there may be something worse approaching, like I might be "going crazy." I know this term doesn't mean anything, but the sensation of a mental breakdown or psychosis of some sort has been worrying me for about a month now. From what I read, this is most likely just anxiety, but it could be more than that and I fear that I may need to take further steps to deal with this. Unfortunately, seeking professional help may not be an easily achievable option at this point. I already exercise, eat healthy and try not to suppress any emotions. People can tell me all day that it is just anxiety and that is helpful to know, but I also know other worse illnesses are possible and obviously there is no way to rule that out in my mind. I guess I am looking for others with similar experiences, or want to know what are some other warning signs of mental illnesses, or when do I really need to take drastic action to ensure that I do not 'lose control' and become a threat to myself or others. I have no desire to harm anyone or myself, but the idea of this 'loss of control,' reasoning, etc. frightens me.  
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does it feel like ur goin 2 hav a mental break down or feel out of place even in ur own home. i goin through this at least 3 or 4 times a week my dr thinks its anxiety.
mayb its has 2 do with movin. do u hav any friends or family near u?
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A lot of people have the fear of going crazy. Still not sure if it is but it could be anxiety. And like what was said before it might have something to do with the move because moving to a new place is always scary cause you are getting out of whats familar to someplace different. I think that can be a trigger and maybe even other things as well. Still if you do think you might break down maybe try to find some way to see someone so in case you are about to you dont hurt yourself or anything and if its anxiety maybe someone can help you out. Also maybe if you have someone there to help you through it like a friend or relative if not maybe try phoning someone your confortable with when you start feeling that way.
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