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breathless all day with panic disorder

I have panic disorder for a couple of months, its driving me potty. i feel its controlling me, i dont want to go out the house. i am on medication that i dont think works at all. i cant stand up without being breathless and its there from 10 minutes after i get up until i go to bed, im seeing a therapist but its a waste of time because when i get to her i am so breathless i cant talk, is anybody else like me or am i alone, ive had all the doctors tests so my heart tells me im healthy but my brain tells me theres something wrong..
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I'm exactly like. It's the stressing about having an attack that gives me shortness of breath. My therapist told me to meditate. Tell ur self to breath in and out over and over. In meditation it's ok for ur mind to drift but notice it and correct it by focusing on ur breathing and only that. She said it takes time but repetition helps ur body remember. I also don't want to go out of the house but for numerous reasons: in fear of having an attack, depression, mood swings, etc. The trick is to make urself go out. Alone or with a friend, it doesn't matter. Going out doesn't seem fun anymore but once I am and can calm myself down I come to find myself enjoying time out of the house. Are you happy with ur anxiety? If no then do something about it. If yes then keep doing wat ur doing. Anxiety can be beaten if u want to beat it. Just be sure u do everything they ask of u and if the meds aren't working then try new ones. U may try many before finding the rite one, everyone is different. Keep in mind that depending on the person and the medication that it can take a week to a month for it to actually kick in and start working
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