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I am new to this group and wanted to share a little about myself. I am 31 years old married with 1 child. I was diagonosed with Panic disorder and depression 6 years ago. I have taken Lexapro and I am now on Zoloft for the past 2 years and .25 xanax as needed. I have found that I avoid certain places and situations in order not to have a panic attack. I feel so foggy headed most of the time and I am always worring about having a attack. I work full time and attend college at night. I feel anxious all of the time no matter where I am. It has gotten worse over the past couple of months and I am reaching out for help in my disorder. Please if anyone can give me some advice on releiving some of this anxiety please let me know.
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I'm only 18 but am going through the same stuff u are. I'm always stressed due to school and when I'm in public. I try to avoid the things that trigger the attacks and hope it helps but I still get them. My symptoms range from headaches, light headed, nausea, muscle tension, crying fits, fogginess, etc. It can hit anytime and it's gotten to a point to where it's uncontrollable. I'm currently trying therapy and new meds so I'll see how that helps but the therapist gave me techniques to try when u feel an attack coming on. If u can try therapy but due to school and work I can see how it wouldn't work well into ur schedule. Some techniques are: counting, exercising, engage in activities, comparing things, read, watch tv, listen to music that is opposite to ur mood, mentally push the situation away and lock it up, count colors in a painting or room, hold ice in hand, listen to loud music, vision urself somewhere else that u can go to and make the worries go away, light candles, take a bath and breathe in the aromas around u, spend time with a pet (or ur child), watch disney movies?, eat ur fav meal and enjoy it thinkin about nothin but ur meal, prayer (if ur religious), cheer urself on ( "I can do it," "it won't last forever," "this is will end.") if none of these helped I have lists from my therapist that I try at home..I can copy it and post them on here. Hope I helped. It's easy if u have someone u can talk to about it. In my case my mom helped because she had it and was able to get over it. She could prob help u more than I because she is in the same situation... Work, then school, bills, raising two kids, divorced and trying to find someone...it's all triggered by stress and only we can fix it. It ***** to have and try to fix especially when u don't kno the root cause or wat to do. Just try to stay positive and keep ur head up :)
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