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Any real stories?

Does anyone have any REAL stories about spirits they have seen/encountered? If so, please post them below and put where and how long ago they were. Thanks.
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Hi, here's my story; weird, but true...
In the 1990's, I rented a house w/my older brother Mike, for nearly 2 years. I was in my 20's, going to college and working p/t at night, which kept me busy mostly and never really home much. Mike worked the late shift at his job, and had a GF so he was never around much either ~ we made the perfect roomies because we were hardly ever home at the same time... The first few months we lived at the rental were great; nothing really strange happened, except that I started noticing my personal stuff like keys and jewelry would go missing for days, then show up like they were left in the middle of the bathroom floor or under the kitchen table. Sometimes I would come home from school or work, and find the back door and kitchen/garage door unlocked and wide open. Several times I felt that it was unnerving and odd because nobody had been home since I left ... I spoke w/my brother and he seemed surpriseWhen it happened at night, it totally freaked me out so badly that I called the police and had them do a walk through but they found nothing and nobody.
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to make a long story short, the strange happenings ramped up after that and got worse. We had witnessed objects falling off tables when nobody was near them, heard voices in the hallway and kitchen often late at night, radio and t.v. would turn on at full volume, also the house would creak so loudly at times, sounding like someone was walking on the roof in heavy boots... We no longer felt safe living there, so we decided to move out. One day while packing up the U-Haul, a neighbor walked up the driveway and said that he was sorry to see us moving out, but not surprised because no one usually stayed very long. When I asked him why he explained that everyone knew the house was haunted ever since the double homicide/suicide took place 15 years before. I took him at his word, and we moved the hell out of there that day...
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My step mother dropped off some things to me that belonged to my grandmother.  It was a couple of knitted afghans, an antique coach foot warmer and a couple of books.  I didn't think a thing of it.  

A day or so later, a couple of odd things happened but most noted was this rain storm.  It had rained solid for about 9 hours.  When I left work, it was pouring and traffic on my commute was slowed to about 35 mph.  When I got to the entrance of my subdivision, the rain stopped.  As I pulled into my driveway and started down the walk, about 8 feet out from the door on the walk were 2 totally dry foot prints.  

At first I thought one of my kids left his shoes out in the rain and retrieved them just before I got home.  Not the case.  Then I thought perhaps there was some oil or something that was repelling the water and that wasn't the case either.  Both foot prints were completely dry.

After that, I could randomly smell my grandmothers perfume and small things would end up missing and then show up in obvious places like the middle of the counter.  The coffee pot turned itself on and it didn't have a timer.  The water in the bathroom sink turned itself on.  My old dog was looking and barking at a shadow that couldn't be explained and as I approached, it disappeared.

I think this was all my grandma saying hi.... nothing malevolent, just subtle little things.  Most recently, the fan in the bathroom turned on for no reason.
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