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Help me please!

Hello I just need some advice, a few years ago I had weird things happening to me I was waking up every night and seeing a man at the bottom of my bed and just thought it was a dream but then things started getting worse and even more weird I was playing my piano and out of nowhere my charger for my laptop just rose from my bed and then slammed down there was no one in the room just me. I suffer really bad from night terrors and constantly dream that people are after me or something I wake up screaming and then have to turn the light on and sleep all night with it on. I moved house last year and this stopped for a while but last week I woke up in the middle of the night and saw the man stood at the bottom of my bed and he was bent down I tried to move my feet but it felt like they were being pinned down so I started screaming and opened my eyes again and it stopped so I couldn't get back to sleep and went downstairs and laid on the coach. The night after I woke up in the middle of the night and my tongue was out my mouth and my piercing was being pulled in shock I scream and bit my tongue whilst pulling it back in my mouth my boyfriend woke up asking what was wrong but I didn't know so couldn't tell him. The net Mornin I woke up and a hole was in my door that was not there the night before! Again last night I woke up in the middle of the night and saw the same man stood next to my bed just looking at me. It's really starting to worry and scare me now someone help and give me advice:(:(:(
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You can try s spiritual blessing on yourself and your home. What ever religion or belief you are, as members of the church for prayer and ask the pastor or priest to come and do a blessing.
You may also try to smudge your home by burning sage. In every room, starting from top of home ( attic ) ending at the front door and push it out. Smuge out side of home tje same way and seal it with sea salt and water mixture.
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Please contact me at: ***@****
I am a paranormal investigator.
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