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Advice on Vitamin D


I'm from london england,
My doctor told me i was very low on vitaminD. it was 42 nmol/L. 39 being deficiency he said.
In the USA, it's read differently i'm told.
So he told me to take vitamin D3, any dosage.
So i'm taking Solgar Vitamin D Softgels 400 2x =800 a day IU (Cholecalciferol)
Before i went for blood tests, i started having mind blocks, where i be working on the computer, and my mind would go so blank that i couldn't even think at all.. was horrible feeling.. like brain dead, my mind couldn't even think, focus, concentration wasn't there etc..
This would happen on and off! but now i started getting it everyday, can't think what i'm doing, memory goes, like i'm in a dream! so i started taking the tablets, aslo Jarrow Methylcobalamin B12, 1000mcg to see if that give me a boost, which it has..  
it's been 2 weeks I've been on them now, 1 week on the B12.
3 days ago i started getting this feeling like i'm on a swaying boat as i'm walking, like slight unbalance feeling in my head.
Could this be caused by the vitamin D tablets?

Thanks a lot.
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i have the same !!!!
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What do you have the same of?

I thought there be more reply's on this forum. :)
The Jarrow Methylcobalamin B12 did help my mind a bit for sure!, but had to stop and do trial and error due to being dizzy.. still bit dizzy ish, but not as bad since stopping the b12. might try liquid form. also stopped the Vitamin D, as i wanted to see what's causing the strange dizzy feeling..  but now my minds doing it's blank don't want to work feeling.. horrible feeling..
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hi ,,, now I reach my level 65 and I am still facing problems and suffering  I am dizzy all the time and off balance   My feeling is like walking on pillow all the time and swaying like when u ride a boat !! Am just wondering too if I will be normal again !! My b12 is very good and all my body tests are great I did the Mri and all thing related to the dizziness feeling !   I still have pain evry where , numb in my body also ringing in ears and pain , I feel am very week my hip also like broken ! I can't walk ,, unstedness And my body veer to left from weakness ,,, am out of space !!!! But I have hope also.    Coz I red that after ur level get up to optimal level for about it takes 9 to 12 or more for ur body to be recover and to heal ,, so after u have the high levels wait for a year until ur body becomes normal again.   The trick is to keep our level and move on
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Thing is, i'm finding the more my mind focuses on it, the worse it gets, which in it's self courses anxiety. i was crap yesterday, so i thought bugger this i need to try get out for small walk.. i walked for 2 hours, even tho i wanted to come back as i get anxiety.. the dizzyness was there, but i thought ok if i'm gonna fall over then so be it, then i just couldn't be bothered to let my thoughts of how i was feeling make me worse.. the odd thing was, the feeling left me.. i'm still little dizzy but not like i was.. so anxiety is a sod for making us worse, more tense etc..

I'm not sure if my vid d and b12 were making me worse. even tho my numbers on b12 was ok, the b12 gave me such a nice feeling gosh it was lovely lol.. felt focused etc....
i had to stop to check.. seems one of them didn't help.
What vitimin d3 was you talking? and how much.. also what were you're numbers..
The body once out of wack, can take time to get back to normal ish.
I'm talking to a Nutritionist, Herbalist & Naturopath today...
I've had on going problems with my stomach, so she thinks if the the digestive isn't working correct, you won't get all you're good stuff into the body mind etc properly from food..
Life's hard enough for people, let alone us all having health problems..
I pray you get well soon, you will ;)
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hii again     All what u wrote is true.   Anxiety is our main problem that increase our problem u right !!! Now am taking supplement 50000 evry two weeks , I do feel better but still not 100%   Am thinking positively now I have the feeling of coming back to life again :) and  really really when I hear that from u that u are getting better now  u gave me hope and u gave me power  am so happy  to hear from u
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please keep me in touch with u am always there u are someone  who deserves the best in life ! I hope me and u will get better soon.   We are already in the road of healing from our anxiety and pain !! Now    Am really happy for u.    Am better too
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