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Does higher dose D cause palpitations?

Just  found out two days ago my D level is 9.  I have been suffering from heart "thumps" and anxiety, fatigue, frozen shoulder, esophageal issues for many years.  I recently went to Endo after two trips to ER in two months for fast heart rate and dizziness, a myriad of pains, etc. I had a 3d color heart doppler test and 24 hr monitor which were normal. My TSH in January was 5.12(hypo) and fell to .46 in March(hyper).  The Endo diagnosed me with Hashimotos Thyroiditis and  vitamin D Deficiency Disease.  So after many many years of thinking I was just a hypochondriac I have a diagnosis that really fits my basically lifelong symptoms. I currently take 100mcg of Synthroid and Omeprazole 20 daily.  My regular GP wanted me to take HBP meds and anti anxiety drugs.  I asked to please allow me to complete further blood tests as my BP has always been very low. So it is very possible my issues were from the fall in thyroid TSH and also the extremely low Vitamin D.  My concern is taking the high amount of D Respera 50000. Especially since I am trying to regulate my thumping heart. My endo said to start on 4000 D daily to see how  I do palpitation-wise.  Anyone have heart rate issues on the 50000 dosage?  I'm very sensitive to most all meds. Thanks for any input.
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I too have palpitations, but I can't really say it's the vit d, because I had them before I was diagnosed.
I am in a lot of pain at the moment with shoulder
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Hi there! I have the thumping heart beat and palpitations too, CAUSED BY the vitamin d deficiency.Give it time, that's your only option right now.
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