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Recovery time Vitamin D deficiency

I am suffering from pains and aches all over my body. Specifically my hips knees and feet . It started suddenly and gradually progressed.
I have gone through all blood tests everything normal except very low vitamin d (<15 nmol /l).
This was last sept and I am on vitamin d supplement since then. I retested my blood and vitamin d is 123 nmo/l this time doctor checked my ESR and its very high 85

On top of that i bone scan revealed Osteopencia.

In spite of my normal serum vitamin level i have little improvement of my symtopms.

Doctor think the underlying issue could be some kind of reactive arthritis?

Could my issue only attribute to vitamin D and osteomalacia. If so how long it takes symptoms to improve even after vitamin d level comes i normal range?

Btw I am male , was healthy before this and I was doing very hard Gym to practise for a everest base camp trek when this whole issue happened.
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It took me a full 9 months to start feeling consistently better. It was a roller coaster ride until then. Progression of healing can be verrry slow... In the beginning only a few moments a week of feeling better... The moments turn to hours turn to days until finally 9-12 later you have more complete weeks of feeling better. I think it must have to do with how long someone has been vdd.
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Thanks.This gives some hope that situation may reverse someday. Can VDD cause such high ESR?
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