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Vitamin D Deficiency and constant minor illnesses

I was wondering if any of you know  of a linkt to being constantly run down and ill with VDD or if you experience similar things to me. I discovered my level was 7.5 in January and started a quick hit dose of 20,000 iu for 15 days finishing on 15th Feb, then 20,000 once a month for 5 months. This week I have a pretty bad cold with sore throat, lost voice, head cold etc. Last week I had a urinary tract infection. The week before I had conjunctivitis and the week before that I had what may have been gallstone attack but is looking likely was a sever stomach bug causing vomiting diarrhea and severe pain. prior to that I have already had a sickness bug and a 2 week long cold with lost voice all since christmas. This seems ridiculous and I can't work out why I'm so run down. I also constantly have mouth ulcers and styes in my eyes. Do you experience similar and could this be caused by VDD, if so how long should it take for the supplement to assist my symptoms?

Thanks so much, in advance, for any help offered.
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About a month ago I had been feeling so weak as if I was gonna die. I have 3 young children. I could not function. They see me going through it, and it affected them also. My doctor took blood and I found out my vitamin d level was 9. She prescribed me 50,000 iu's of vitamin d2. This is my forth week and there has been a slight change. I still get weak spells from time to time. This thing is scary! Have you had a symptom of dry mouth?
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Yes, low vitamin D directly effects your immunity. It's important to get your doctor to work with you to get your levels back to normal and to maintain it.
It takes quite some time and consistency of supplementing to increase your reserves again, but over time the health problems related to the deficiency will improve.  It just takes a long time.
Hope this helps. And I hope you check back as I see your question went unanswered for awhile.
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