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Has anyone on here been successful wth Suboxone

I would like to know f anyone on here has been on suboxone and Successfully gotten off,with say 90 days clean time?Or for that matter has any body used Suboxone, and had any Success period ANY? Please answer if you would? This is very important to me???Were you refered by someone who had succsess with Suboxone? or were you refered by a doctor or who? How long was your treatment? And what were you taking before you started and how were your withdrawls coming off of Suboxone, compared to those of your drug of choice?? THANKS A MILLION I am so excited to hear from you all !!!!
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Hey there!I was taking 1000 milagram hydro's the blue,green,and loved the yellow one's i took them abt 7 yr's.Well one time i was @the place to get my hydro's @someone's house anyway ther was this girl there she was fd up on something well i told her i was sick of taking the hydro's she gave me a # to a doc and said i could get hydro's there or i could get the med to get off the pill's so i called made my app and now it's been abt 9mo i haven't taken any suboxone in abt 5 day's and i feel fine so that's a good thing the med is very expensive.I just try to make sure i have some incase i do start thinking abt hydro's again.I can't imagine never have not seeing this doctor im sure my husband would be gone i was driving him insane and the money omg.Ok that is some of my story.Kitty
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Hi there, how are you?

I have been on suboxone twice since May and failed. But that was because I took valium and didn't go to the chemist to pick them up because I had forgotten so I got kicked off the program but I am starting taking them again next week hopefully.

I needed suboxone cause I was addicted to heroin and still am. What I can tell you about suboxone is:-
as soon as I started taking it, my cravings went away. My mood was so much better. I felt more positive about life and my future. It really is great and I truly believe that it is a life saver. The reason that I mucked up was because of the valium but this time I am going to do it.
You are meant to do a rapid detox but my drug counsellor arranged it so that I started on 16mg a day and then reduced by 2mg each time when I was ready. I got down to 2mg just last month when I screwed up and I can honestly say - I had absolutely no withdrawals whatsoever. I take it that you are thinking about starting suboxone? I would highly recommend it. There are so many success stories out there about people who have went on suboxone and it changed their lives, I really would give it a go. What drug is it that you are addicted to, if you don't mind me asking?
Hope this helps you little!
Speak soon,
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I am on day 79 clean and feeling great due to suboxone. My job is going great I will never go back to using opiates again. Just going through the symtoms of withdrawal will keep me away. I will always give the credit to suboxone and my own will power. It was a miracle drug to me. I have sooooo much energy and have actually gained some weight and not looking so gaunt.
Good luck,
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