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didn't even know this was here. looks like not too many others know either. i have been on suboxone for almost a month. i researched the heck out of it first and don't really have a question. i would like to see this little forum grow however, so come on let's start posting. i think this is a great idea. some folks don't approve of the damage reduction route on the substance abuse forum. plus many are misusing their sub. i went through too much to get here to even consider screwing this up. my doctor is super strict and tests me all the time anyway. for me this is a recovery tool and i plan to take full advantage of it. helloooooooo? anyone there? peace, sway
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i am in the same boat as u, i take my recovery very seriously and get drug tested every week usually. Subs have been a lifesaver to me, i have been on the for 62 days and havent took on norco or oxy since! :)
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Today was my sixth day and I too take this seriously. I do plan to get off the suboxon but my doctor said I could take it for the rest of my life because it's great for pain. I'm just scared of becoming codependant on anything. I don't take anything else but what the doctor tells me to take. I was taking too many percocets but I just wanted my pain to stop. Anyhow, we'll see what happens...
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i too take my recovery seriously, i didn't know this was here either.  i am sure glad i found it though. i was googling "maintance dose" and i found this.  i am trying to find out the typical maintance dose for people who took 20-30 pills a day during their addiction because 16mg doesn't seem like enough suboxone for me, but i don't want the doctor to kick me off if i ask for to much.
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Hi there,
I was on the Sub and was a heavy codeine user (Aussie here). The most sub I got up to was 10 or 12mg and that was fine. It was no replacement but I didn't crave it. I also weened off of it very successfully...BUT... here I am so obviously I have relapsed but that has nothing to do with the Sub. I am starting again on the Sub tomorrow and hoping to make it stick this time. This can work as a way of getting clean :)
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Day 6 on the Suboxone! Right now I will say it is the best thing ever!!! I was taking up to 14 Norco a day and saw NO end in site! Happy to find a group like this since most of what you read about it is negative! I have to be successful this time, I have no choice, I have been hiding my addiction for a year from my Fiance....I told him the truth last week cuz I knew that would be the end of it, now I have to be done and dont think I could do it without Suboxone....I only want to read positive posts on this drug :)
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I started taking them in January and feel they are a miracle!  I'm just wondering how we get off of them. Some docs say a year, others don't see a need at all!  It's crazy.
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I know what you mean. When I first started with them I felt great too.  I still feel great after 6 months but worry about being on them forever. In addition they are so expensive
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Me too wishful and I've been on them since January after kicking my vicodins on my own.  I started to feel really depressed and crazy. That's when I found a doc and they are the best thing that has happenend to me.  
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Booshy, how did you ween off of them?  I'm afraid to try.
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I pasted this from something i wrote to someone else..

(Suboxone should be tapered down to the smallest piece you can go.  and longer days between each dose. you should really see a doc. if your not, don't take one for 2 days then take 1/4 every 3rd day, Do that with two or three tablets,
Then cut into 8 = parts every 4th day with two or three tablets. Then get a magnifier and make 16pieces every 5 days or ask the doc for 2mg tabs and split into 4.  Meanwhile you should stay busy. go to meeting if you can.
stay away from your peers that trigger you. GOOD LUCK)

But you have to ask yourself what is worse, subs or the other drugs. I have seen it done the above way.
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