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nose bleed

my 4 year old has VWD 2B and has bloody noses every so often.  We give him aminocaproic (amicar) as prescribed but sometimes that doesn't help much.  Being 4, we have a hard time getting him to sit still and he doesn't like to have anyone pinch his nose (meaning that he squirms and yells when we try which makes his nose bleed more).  2 questions: 1) at what point do we take him in for factor and/or other medical assistance (hospital website says to bring children with bloody noses in after 20 minutes but we'd be there every week if we did that) and 2) anyone have any tried and true methods to help a bloody nose? Also, any suggestions on how to get a 4 year old to breathe through his mouth would be helpful.
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I'm not sure about when to visit the hospital I'm afraid and not much help with the nose pinching thing either really.
My daughter is 8 and we have type 2a. She has occasional nose bleeds and isnt keen on pinching but also hates nose bleeds so is fairly accepting of the fact that if it will last twenty minutes with pinching and 60 minutes without then it's better to take the pinching, I tell her that if she can do it more effectively than me then she can do it herself and the challenge occupies her enough. But I appreciate she's older so may or may not be helpful in your situation
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Hello. I have vwd stage II and my children, boys, both have it. Cold compressions to the inside of the upper lip help with the nose bleeds. My children have had severe bleeds that have lasted ocer 30 minutes. As for trying to get them to sit still, communicate with them on the severity of their bleeding. They need to know that they have a condition where they need help to clot. Explain it easy as you can because their understanding will most likely wont be much. Second when they bleed,  remain calm! My boys have freaked out because i freaked out. ONLY MAKES MATTERS WORSE. Both of my kids have slammed their own fingers in my car door and have had nasty, bloody fingers. To the point where the dr. had to take off the nail and suture on an artificial nail. When that happens, make sure you remember this, DIRECT PRESSURE.  Until you can get medical help, squeeze, push or add other types of needed pressure to the affected area. After any bleeding episodes i make my boys drink a full glass of orange juice. This doesnt really help for the vwd, but does start the blood to replenish. Tricks and trades my dear friends.
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