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Journals about virgin

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by Runner2756, Mar 17, 2015
I had sex for the first time yesterday morning about 10. I had bleeding afterwards for abou...
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I am a teen recently hit puberty and noticed these really really small bumps on the bot...
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by Grohskie_BrittCarl, Apr 16, 2012 - 5 Comments
Okay, so I need some serious advice. My friend who is 13 (turning 14 this weekend) has miss...
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by Ladybug95, Jul 07, 2009 - 15 Comments
I'm only 14 and I'm still a virgin. I watch a lot of shows like "The Secret Li...
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by babablacksheep, Sep 28, 2008 - 3 Comments
I have a red, itchy rash on the shaft of my penis I am a virgin, therefore have had no ski...
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by distributedconfusion, Apr 02, 2008 - 2 Comments
I am a virgin, but for as long as I have known, I have had small white bumps around the bas...