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Yeast Infections

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Journals about Yeast Infections

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I was diagnosed with a yeast infection back in June, but I had the symptoms for about a mon...
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by Bontrac, Apr 12, 2013
Went to on/gyn Dr Mullaley said you know when you in menopause because you just don't ...
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I take Synthroid,B-Complex,D3,Kelp(Idione),Iron,and Cranberry pills daily.Is this to much? ...
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Yeast is a substance that naturally occurs in the body and is harmless until the system bec...
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Whether you like it or not, our bodies harbor many types of bacteria naturally. Candida Alb...
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by Girlplz, Apr 12, 2010
Thanks a lot, antibiotics..I can't check my CM because it's full of disgusting yeas...
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by MissCarrie, Nov 09, 2009
Went to the dr. got Rx for yeast infection
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ok i recently had a cro done ( freezing of abnormal cells) afta i had my period and a day l...
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by EricaB28, Oct 28, 2008
Great!! Now, on top of everything else, I think I have a yeast infection-TMI, I know...The ...