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Journals about drinking

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by TIddums, Mar 22, 2013
Tea's slowly becoming more of a remedy to me, because of the association of been curled...
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So skip ahead bit to April 2011. We were still seeing each other, but it wasn't as muc...
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So this is the longest, and hardest part. I will be 21 in August, and this has been going o...
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so glad it almost over, and i hate when my period start because i hurt the week before ,and...
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by Morphman, May 16, 2012
Was rudely awakened this morning by my stomach cramping and started to evacuate my bowels i...
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by Starlyc_Limler, Apr 15, 2012
Today, we just meant to drop Dave off at his friend, Debbie's, place to hang for a litt...
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by Jking0302, Mar 24, 2012
I cannot seem to quench my thirst. I keep drinking water. This is common during a migrain...
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by AntonellaBella, Feb 06, 2012
I am still getting over being dehydrated for a week, upon starting an increase of Lithium (...
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Today is a new start for me. Keeping a record of my eating/drinking/medication/ excised.
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by Nexy, Sep 23, 2011 - 4 Comments
Back from my holiday to the beach w/ boyfriend. Went okay, except that we started drinking ...