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Journals about wrist

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last year I broke my left wrist playing football the brake was not bad and healed just fine...
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Hi MedHelp community! After dealing with RSI for a few years and using various tools to red...
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resisted wrist flexion pain in ulnar-sided wrist crease and adjacent forearm.
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by edith0917, Jul 09, 2012
still aching whenever used in activities such as chopping food stuff and when sweeping the ...
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by Enrique99, Jun 16, 2012
I've been having wrist pain for about a month now, it occurred after I fell on an outst...
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by janos97, Dec 22, 2009
sore wrists, stretching helped.
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by janos97, Dec 21, 2009
Inner thigh on left side was a bit tender, wrists too.
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by nanahuckster, Nov 27, 2009 - 1 Comment
Three weeks since surgery and wrist feels pretty good. A little clicking in the wrist and ...
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by HAHSgurl, Jun 04, 2009
Well I just got my cast on yesterday for my fractured wrist and I'm still trying to get...
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by DarkSalem, May 10, 2009
wrist hurt again. treadmill pressure.