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Journals about Coughing

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March 3rd: I have been sneezing often. March 4th: The coughing probably started becau...
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by naturalone69, May 27, 2013
Today I woke up and chatted with some people on the Internet. I began to feel worse. I had ...
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It was thought I may have had bronchitis at the beginning of this month. The coughing laste...
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by bluejeanbaby9, Jan 26, 2011 - 1 Comment
I will be moving into my first home of my own very soon. There will be NO smoking there; I ...
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by bluejeanbaby9, Jan 07, 2011
I'll fill this out soon.
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by jg1873, Jul 25, 2010 - 2 Comments
went to urgent care and have bronchitis and got put on a Z-pack. feel like crap and have a ...
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by cecropia, Jun 14, 2010
I have had anaphylactic reactions to Penicillin, Azithromycin, Ace Inhibitors, clams and oy...
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by Krisiness, Apr 24, 2010
Dapper. No, that's a lie. I couldn't swallow or close my mouth and my tounge was as...
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Coughing all day, and the pain is just reaching an extra annoying level. Just scratchy. I&#...
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by Krisiness, Jan 25, 2010
All day. The snow is almost gone. And it is soggy outside. It will be nominally icy in the ...