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by LizTK, Feb 01, 2014
Pain all over, can not walk to bathroom without assistance. Have not washed hair or showere...
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My fingers ached worse than normal when I woke up this morning, and my knee ached as well. ...
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by authorlmtaylor, May 20, 2013
It's 3:48 pm. I forgot to update when I first woke up, but it was not much different fr...
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by authorlmtaylor, May 19, 2013
9:47 AM: Fingers didn't hurt immediately when I woke up, but still hurts my fourth fing...
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by audi879, May 12, 2013
I found out last week I have a disease in my right hand called Kienbock's Disease. It ...
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by SeranishRyen, Oct 29, 2012
Reduced dosage by own suggestion to 150mg/ twice a day. Taken at 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Reduce ...
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by monjanse, Aug 31, 2012
Now im itching on my hand-palm. And im taking stool-tests to see if i has cancer.
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by Julie2957, Jun 22, 2012
It started with my left side of my neck, the vien started to throb.....my left inside of my...
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by scpayyy, Feb 08, 2012
Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and my heart was racing and pumping hard. M...
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by 35again, Dec 30, 2011
have had thumb tendinitis for about 3 weeks, today the rest of my hand had tingling for sho...