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Today is Jan 14th my first day off taking 25 mg 1/2 pill every 30 hours I have been working...
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Well it's been 11 months since I've started my being healthy journey. I've tri...
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by jc0205, Feb 11, 2013
Having trouble with possible cysts. Started period today which is a great thing considering...
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by pinky172, May 13, 2011
Imagine yourself in the young, strong body suit that you once were. Its not going to get t...
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by Ldion, Jan 30, 2011
Well i have been back on the Cymbalta and feeling so much better! Worked out yesterday and ...
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by BulldoG37, Sep 01, 2010
I feel like I am in a fog, i cant concentrate or focus. it is weird but i feel like i have...
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I need to find a New goal a New thing to want to do..You know, I use to care what the House...
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by Meese88, Nov 30, 2009
So this is the first day of my husband and mine's diet. We bought an elliptical trainer...
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by sunshine1976, Jul 29, 2009
Please be muscle. I have been working out pretty hard & drinking a lot more water. I ...
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I gunna try to lose some weigh again. I gunna mix it up with Hip hop abs and Turbo Jams.