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Journals about vomit

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by ginjninj, Feb 17, 2012
Not a good nights sleep because I was drunk and had to vomit in the night.
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by eatmeingo, Jan 12, 2012
174 calories is almost too much. I wanted to vomit at lunch today, and I only had a little ...
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I puked in our car today. Luckily I was able to collect it all in my hands and throw it out...
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by thechefandme, Aug 05, 2010
7:28 3oz watery chucks 7:52 1oz 8:12 1/2oz greenish
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by Mrpatriot, Jan 02, 2010
sick-vomiting last night
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On the way to my weigh in, I prayed I didn't gain more than five pounds. I was so nerv...