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by ninadetusojos, Oct 15, 2013
I hate the Univision 65 News They just give me stresss Those are the worst New's Chann...
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The USA Government ain't the best this year with the closing of the government. and the...
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by mholt09, Sep 04, 2013
Severe tooth pain. Went to ER and got injections to numb mouth.
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by mel198172, Aug 21, 2013
I have so much anxiety today that it took me down for a while. I am a prisoner to my own fe...
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by shugalug, Jul 21, 2013
The worst of the wdls from valium & zopiclone (ambien) are over. I couldn't have do...
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My physical health has been on the decline. My fibromyalgia has flared and I'm in pain,...
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by shugalug, May 26, 2013
Woke with the usul tummy pain. Went away after herb pills & cuppa green tea, normal tea...
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by AlwaysAlexis, Mar 29, 2013
The Paxel was making me tired and not working as well, so I switched to zoloft. The medicin...
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by HeartSong31, Mar 08, 2013
Yesterday I decided to go back on antidepressants. Today I made an appointment to go in for...
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by Hoopchick86, Feb 14, 2013
After a couple of days of fighting it off, the panic has hit me again. I went a month nearl...