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Hi: I have severe tendonitis is my left elbow, already had 3 cortisone shots, can't get an...
Did this work for anyone and how did you do it?
Did this throw any of u into labour? If yes how did u do ut and for how long?
Has anyon done this and went into labour? If ye how did u do it and for how long?
So I'm almost 4cm and have been having contractions according to my doctor. She told me to ...
Has this helped induce labor for anyone?
Did it work for any of you ladies? Did it start contractions or no?
What's nipple simulation. How's does it work. I will be 38wks Sunday. I think I might wanna...
I woke one morning to see a green grid on my ceiling above my bed. I was fully awake and i...
Do first time moms gwt induced pretty often?
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My parents hate each other and can't have a nice discussion. It's just not pos...
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by Krisiness, Dec 08, 2009
I studied a lot for Spanish, and did ok in the simulation. I hope. Did my project in b...