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by bvent, Jan 23, 2014
It took a while but I am now pain free. I went to Vanderbilt and was sent to the PT. I we...
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by keter, Jan 30, 2012
First time since a week or so, no pain! And amazingly I hadn't even noticed its absence...
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by kalleenwillems, Jul 13, 2011
No pain, no nausea, woke up with no cruddiness.
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by Jax1964, Apr 22, 2010
No Pain but so weary, exhausted, too tired to do anything, defo gone over the top. Must ca...
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by Jax1964, Apr 18, 2010
Had Full injection yesterday, feel a little bruised but feeling good, No pain at all today,...
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I felt COMPLETELY pain free right after my injections. Then a little bit of pain returned.....
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by mimi_n_kelly, Oct 11, 2008 - 2 Comments
its NOT my first time having sex but a couple days ago me & my boyfriend had sex twice ...