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Journals about dad

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by ninadetusojos, Oct 15, 2013
I hate the Univision 65 News They just give me stresss Those are the worst New's Chann...
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As I was driving my kids to school this rainy, dreary morning, I had the local Christian ra...
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is it weird that, now that i'm living with my dad full time, i've grown to hate him...
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by janejay, Apr 21, 2012
dear baby i know ur scared im here for you. Dad mom grandmammas n grand papis ...
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by wandering_child, Mar 12, 2012
I don't know what to think. I saw the news story about the bi-polar flight attendant fr...
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by peppy1201, Jun 18, 2011 - 2 Comments
My dad is evil at night when he comes back from the racetrack. I left his place and went ba...
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dad nearly died from heart attack
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by efranftw, Feb 10, 2011
Came back to office deport after having been gone for a long time. Can't find my name ...
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by benjim, Dec 25, 2010 - 3 Comments
ended up getting to sleep without too much drama. the cat is sitting on my lap now, express...
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by Alyssa13, Sep 03, 2010
This might be the worst night I have had in a while. I went to a football game with my &quo...