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Journals about shots

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by MockingBrandi, Feb 04, 2013
I give myself allergy shots once a week every week and have been getting them for years now...
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by samantha830, Jan 13, 2013
I am so tired of being in pain that I just want to get it over with. I guess even if that m...
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by rmmoye, Oct 29, 2012
We iced the rest of the shots and they don't look as bad. It hurts bad to get them and ...
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Children and parents, and everyone in the world, dread shots. We have all held our little o...
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by jme3510, Jun 20, 2011
My SI injections have worn off and now my back feels like it wants to break in half. I'...
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by Janee56, Nov 29, 2010
Did it myself this time like a big girl. Went to the class today..finally! LOL. Pegasys ...
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Had to go get a shot today. I had gone a good couple weeks w/o getting a shot but the migra...
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by artsymom73, Nov 08, 2010
Today I got my second round of botox and this time it left little bruises on my forehead. I...
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Nasty feeling after taking Methotrexate and Humira shots.
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by saltot, Sep 12, 2010
Got PJ on Friday, September 10, 2010. He is 10 weeks old. Will be going to the vet for pu...