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by timetogetbetter, Jul 05, 2012
Yesterday was a bit uncomfortable for me. As they day went on and I got closer to the 72hr ...
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by timetogetbetter, Jul 02, 2012
Well, changed my patch today. 50mcg. Never thought I'd see that again or be here!! I am...
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by ar111, Jun 14, 2012
thanks Ki you was there yesterday for me ^^
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by Dannigirl69, Feb 15, 2012
Things have been pretty good the last couple of days , knock on wood :)and yes finally got ...
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by melygirl3, Jan 26, 2012
thank God for the anime beck, i would go crazy with out there relaxing music. schools a han...
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by starshine1ca, Dec 20, 2011 - 15 Comments
I am doing the Happy Dance...what an amazing Christmas Present!! I got the news!! I am UND...
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I would like to first Thank God for His protection during my seemingly reckless behavior. ...
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by Sharon1225, Jul 13, 2011 - 1 Comment
praise God! i am now 20 pounds less. now i have only 10 pounds to go until 90 and again tha...
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by rockbottom1970, Apr 03, 2011
I wanted to just make a note to myself, or an update to all that have followed my situation...