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by dancerchick469, Mar 11, 2013
been feeling better went to doctors getting blood tests soon
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Although life is quite stressful these days, I feel less depressed... must be the Armour. ...
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by Rockxzann3, Oct 13, 2011
After yesterday, and my dog getting bit by a pit bull (which jumped my adrenaline), I have ...
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by vicshama, Jun 28, 2011
2 month ago my doctor started me on a very low dose of Doxycycline at 20 mgs three times a...
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by loved29, Nov 18, 2010
bbt is down again which is relief...we'll BD tonight :)
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by rbohl01, Aug 01, 2010 - 11 Comments
I am realy concerned. For the past 3 days now my symptoms seem to be disappearing. I have w...
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by fowerman, Jan 26, 2010
I have tried variuos things and gone through so many chnages over the past few years and ha...
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by Vik07, Dec 21, 2009
I have not taken any pain meds for 2 weeks (just about) and feel sooooo much better. I act...
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by Linz87, Dec 19, 2009 - 1 Comment
Since my "best friend" moved away Ive been happy and have lost almost 10lbs! I am...
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by msms63, Oct 30, 2009
I'm feeling better, and feeling things again, numbness subsiding, little by little, eve...