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i have esotropia on my left eye turns toward my nose and really bothers m...
Hi! I just underwent eye surgery last March 18 this year.. im in the process of healing.. m...
Hi, iv had asquint-esotropia from birth. my eye sight is good in both eyes.Patched when was...
I noticed something a little off about my sons eyes that no one else noticed but thought I ...
My son was dx with Accomodative Esotropia when he was 2.5 yrs old. He has worn glasses sin...
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by Armadillowe, Sep 19, 2013
Some history: first incidence of horizontal diplopia lasting approx. 2 weeks in 2007 b...
vessel tortuosity
Microscopic hematuria
internuclear opthalmoplegia
Abnormal deep tendon reflexes
pseudo disc edema
Tactile dysesthesia
Chronic diplopia