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Journals about fears

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by myrlings, Mar 05, 2009
we're definitely aching all over again. we're going to the doctor today to learn t...
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by nrecovery, Feb 04, 2009
today, i start to taper down from 1and, a half suboxone 8/2mg to just 1 pill split into two...
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by Britttttany, Jan 23, 2009 - 1 Comment
is where i'm at on this Friday night. Although, it is pretty peaceful (: I've been...
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i quit marking my individual days here until feb 4th because i didnt start this tracker unt...
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by nrecovery, Jan 04, 2009
today, i decided to stop smoking. its been almost 35 years sine i started. i have alot of f...
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by Avanaar, Sep 26, 2008 - 4 Comments
First off, so no one worries too much ...Baby Ohz is doing fine. This post is not about him...
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by losttaya, Jul 31, 2008 - 2 Comments
Today was a busy day. The family and I are headed to Florida and I'm trying to get alo...
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by TrickyTrammies, Jul 30, 2008
I posted what's below in answer to someone's post in the forum I haunt. But after ...
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by Venya, May 01, 2008
Lately, I've been having these horrible dreams, these horrible bloody dreams.. Long st...