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Journals about lyme

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I'm still trying to find out if I have chronic Lyme. I have all the symptoms and they g...
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by bobbi1986, May 29, 2013
when i finally get to sleep after im awake 3 to 4 days at a time, my boyfriend wont go to s...
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by rburrillo, Nov 26, 2011
After a summer of WTF I finally got to the root of my horrendous constellation of symptoms ...
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by Phtartist, Jul 26, 2011 - 4 Comments
I'm sick with Lyme, three Lyme diseases attacking my red blood cells, my organs and my ...
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I had just done the walk around Thrifty's for the last 2 - 3 days. I haven't been ...
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by Weesy68, Oct 09, 2009 - 7 Comments
Just thought I'd write this entry to inform all that view it that Lyme disease is in Ut...
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by LillyLiverGirl, Oct 02, 2009
Blood draw to test for: Mono Spot, Lyme, Thyroid, Celiac & Lupus
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by EricaO, Jan 03, 2009
Today I am a bit lethargic and don't want to even get out of bed. I am just having the ...
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Now that I'm off the IV Rocephin and the picc is out, the doc wants to start me on a pr...
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by Nyxie63, Aug 20, 2008 - 10 Comments
I found out late last week that the insurance company is canceling my Rocephin (IV antibiot...